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Straight-From-the-70s Hummingbird Cake

Serious Eats 5/17 9:10A Nicole Hopper, Genevieve Yam
Serious Eats / Jen Causey Studded with pineapple chunks, bananas, crunchy pecans, and coated in a tangy cream cheese frosting, hummingbird cake is an opulent dessert that’s been a mainstay of Southern...

9 Great Places to Try in Kingston, New York

Eater NY 5/14 8:57A Robert Sietsema
Front Street in Kingston’s historic Stockade District is great for shopping. Legacy restaurants and a couple of newer ones that have made a mark in this Hudson River town, 90 miles north Over the last...

16 Chicken Leg Recipes That'll Never Let You Down

Serious Eats 4/30 8:17A Anna Thomas Bates
Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik Chicken legs are the most forgiving part of a chicken to cook. They'll never threaten to dry out on you like a chicken breast. This arguably makes them the tastiest part of...

21 Hit Harlem Restaurants to Try

Eater NY 3/12 8:02A Kayla Stewart
Leafy greens and fried fish topped with pickled onions from Fieldtrip. | Caroline Shin/Eater NY Caribbean seafood, soul food, and dressed up cocktails fall among the diverse neighborhood offerings...
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